Having first established a presence at the former DSI facility back in 2005, OPW FMS has had an active team within the Bangalore facility for nearly 7 years now. From the outset the Bangalore based engineering team has been treated as a fully integrated extension to the U.S. and Krakow, Poland based teams, this approach has proven to yield much greater results than treating offshore groups as an outsourced resource.

The FMS team has already delivered one turnkey software solution that has been very successful in the U.S. markets, they are now working on their second such major project which will have specific application to the Indian market as well as other key global markets outside of the U.S.

The support infrastructure model employed by the IIC facility minimizes the impact upon the operating companies that place engineering teams in their facility, which is a key component for our success. HR support in particular is very strong and has been instrumental in FMS building a very capable team with excellent leadership.

Based upon our successes to date, OPW FMS will continue to invest and grow the IIC based engineering team.

Tony Mills
Director of Engineering, OPWFMS

Customer: Heil Environmental (ESG)
Project: Grip Rite Tri-Cuff Grabbers.

IIC is fantastic to work with, what set them apart was their responsiveness - more than just working on our project, IIC was available throughout the entire process providing input and suggesting on how to improve & optimize. We are glad to continue with IIC further.

Jody Hurley,
Engineering Services Manager
Heil Environmental

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to the team for coordinating and supporting our latest round of negotiations and site visits in India. The schedule was difficult, but very well laid out allowing us to accomplish our goals. We were able to sign two MOUs that will allow OPW-FTG to start doing business almost immediately. This is a tremendous step forward from just last year. I look forward to working with you guys and we'll once again hit the ground running in March.

Eric Forman
Materials Manager
Dover Corporation